Effective commenting is key to creating a successful project. We need to understand the changes you’re asking for, and the rationale behind them so we know for next time. We also need to be clear about why we made things as they are, and what can be achieved in the time we have available to us. So here’s our guide to what to look for when commenting on a video.


Tips for Effective Commenting

effective commenting

First Drafts

When you first see the film, it will be rough:

  • Don’t worry if there’s no music
  • There probably won’t be a lot of movement in the action
  • There might be jump cuts in filmed sections
  • There may be holding images that will be replaced later
  • There maybe watermarks on stock footage


What to comment on:

  • Does the general concept communicate your key messages?
  • Is the information in the right order, or is there important or new information we should bring forward?
  • Is there anything you’d cut out?


Coming together

As the project comes together, you want to start looking in more detail:

Industry Standards

  • Do the icons look right? Or are there industry standard icons we should be using?
  • Are we using the right terminology for the audience?
  • Are we being too technical for your audience?
  • how does this video compare to others you’ve seen in the same arena?


  • are we using the correct brand logo?
  • What about the brand colours?
  • Do we have the right fonts?
  • have we fulfilled your brand guidelines?
  • Do you have brand idents we need to begin and end the peice with?

The messaging

  • imagine this is the first time you’re hearing about this. Do you really understand it?


  • Do you like the transitions and movement?
  • Do the characters look right?
  • Are they diverse enough?
  • What do you think of the music?
  • Are we emphasising the right keywords?

Final Version

Now the film is nearly finished, here’s what you should focus on:

Engaging your audience

  • Look at the title. Will it grab the attention of your audience?
  • Is your call to action clear?


  • are there any inconsistencies in the film?
  • do you spot any typos?
  • are people’s names spelt correctly? Do they have their latest job titles?
  • is the url at the end active?


Effective commenting means we collaborate better

We aim to get a revised version of the film to you within two working days. However, sometimes we don’t have time to incorporate all the changes before wanting you to review again.

Rest assured they will incorporated though, and after a few reviews, you’ll have your finished video!