Communicate the value that an app brings to an organisation

We’ve produced an app demo video to promote Patchwork, a way of connecting professionals working with families. The app is made by FutureGov, who are renowned for the innovative digital work with local governments.

How we did it

First we worked on a script, to outline the key features that FutureGov wanted to communicate. With this stage complete, we worked on a storyboard to work out which shots we needed and how they should be framed.

We edited together footage of their staff using the app, shot in their offices. Although the two stars were filmed in the same location, our editor cut it together to make them look like they were in different organisations. We made a strategic choice not to make this a literal product demo, instead showing how the app works in principle. The benefit of this is that as the app evolves, the video will not go out of date.

Why have an App Demo Video?

When considering how to promote an app to fellow government entities or potential stakeholders, video content is extremely successful. Video serves as a dynamic tool to demonstrate the app’s functionalities comprehensively yet succinctly.

It can guide viewers through the app’s features, illustrating its interface and walking through the user experience. This enhances the understanding of the app’s capabilities, and demonstrating its value proposition effectively.

Moreover, video content can be strategically shared through business channels, including the organisation’s websites, social media, and through partners. This extends the app’s visibility and generates interest among potential users.

Video is a persuasive medium for demonstrating an app, making a compelling case for its adoption.

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