Capture a Testimonial of an on-going healthcare project

apgemini asked us to make them a client testimonial film for their Healthcare department. For this video we filmed in Great Ormond Street Hospital, interviewing Prof Hindmarsh who developed a new way of working with children with diabetes.

We had confidentiality issues filming in the Hospital itself, made doubly hard by it being a children’s ward. First, wWe spoke to parents about the project, made it clear that they didn’t have to contribute and luckily some agreed. We also filmed discretely to protect the identity of the children. The staff were friendly and very supportive, even if some were extremely camera shy! A good day’s shoot.


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Why do consultancies need Client testimonial film content?

A testimonial film for a consultancy like Capgemini provides a powerful and authentic tool to showcase their client success stories. It establishes credibility and trust by featuring real clients discussing the positive impact the consultancy had on their business. Potential clients often seek reassurance through genuine testimonials, influencing their decision to choose the consultancy.

Secondly, a testimonial film brings the consultancy’s value proposition to life. The film allows their clients to articulate the specific benefits they got out of the work done. It highlights the consultancy’s expertise, methodologies, and the unique solutions it offers, giving potential clients insights into the consultancy’s capabilities and effectiveness.

Moreover, a testimonial film humanises the consultancy. It puts faces and emotions behind the services offered, making the consultancy more relatable and personal. This emotional connection can be a significant factor in a potential client’s decision-making process.

Lastly, a well-produced testimonial film can be shared across various marketing channels, amplifying its reach and impact. Whether on the consultancy’s website, social media, presentations, or during client meetings, the film maximises visibility and reinforces the consultancy’s reputation, attracting a broader client base.

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