Show off the benefits of SAP in a way that is eye catching, entertaining and distinctive to encourage sales.

This Cloud software animation was made for SAP and Capgemini. Our challenge was to visualise the concept of how taking your company into the Cloud will accelerate your processes and grow your business. We were thinking of how it felt when you were working with slow hardware. What came up in our creative development was the visual of towing a heavy container in a sports car. While you really want to be making the most of the car’s agility, you’re anchored by the old tech.

The second visual we played on was the way that SAP, Capgemini and their partners collaborate with their clients. They lead them through the Cloud process like a pilot, yet also have the customer services skills to help make that journey smooth, like a flight attendant. So with these two images in mind, we created the animation!

Getting a Cloud Software Animation Right

One very important part of our process was to run our ideas past the client. We needed to make sure our ideas would resonate with their clients’ experience. This ensured the end video would be impactful in their sales drive.

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Cloud software animation

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