Communicate a client's Opex offering using a board-game themed animation

Six weeks ago our client at Capgemini challenged us to create an OpEx explainer video as a sales tool for their latest product.

Timeline for creating an Opex Explainer video

Creating an OpEx (Operational Excellence) explainer video is a detailed process that typically spans around 6 weeks, encompassing critical phases to ensure a high-quality end product. Here’s a breakdown of the timeline:

1. Message Development (1 week)

The first step involves defining the purpose and message of the video. This phase may include meetings and brainstorming sessions to align on key objectives, target audience, and the core message you want to convey.

2. Scriptwriting (1 week)

After defining the message, the scriptwriting process begins. Crafting a compelling script that effectively conveys your OpEx concepts and goals is crucial. This phase involves revisions and feedback to ensure the script is concise and engaging.

3. Storyboarding (1 week)

Once the script is finalised, the storyboard is created. This visual roadmap outlines the sequence of scenes and transitions, helping to visualise how the animation will unfold.

4. Animation (3 weeks)

The animation phase involves bringing the storyboard to life. This includes designing visuals, creating animations, and syncing them with the script’s narration or on-screen text.

These timelines can vary based on the complexity of the content, the animation style, and the level of detail required. The 6-week period is a reasonable estimate for a well-planned and executed OpEx explainer video, ensuring that each stage is given the attention it needs to deliver your message effectively.

Impact of the Opex Explainer video

After we delivered this clip, my client screened it for her boss, his boss and their boss, who we assume to be Barrack himself? Anyway, after the screening, they burst into a round of applause! So our client is very happy indeed because clearly we’ve distilled her ideas into an easily digested animation.


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