Explain how a complex piece of social media listening software works.

Social Media

Capgemini Consulting created a social media listening service, and were struggling with explaining how it works in pitching meetings. So we suggested creating a social media animation that explained their software.

The typical approach by companies to social media is unsustainable. The use of social media is growing at a phenomenal rate. Any company that neglects this channel does so at its peril. This animation explains how businesses can act upon the insight gained from social media using Social Insight Into Action.

How we made the Social Media Animation

We workshopped a couple of scenarios with them that would show the tool in action. In one, Kevin and his family are on holiday when their car breaks down. In his frustration he takes a picture and posts it on social media.

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While word quickly spreads, the manufacturer can act fast, because they have embraced social media monitoring. They use the opportunity to rectify the problem in addition to stopping any future issues arising.

We loved working with these simple but loveable characters, and designing the filtering system probably the most fun part of the project!

How this Social Media Animation helped our clients

When our client first started taking meetings, they would spend the first 40 mins explaining how SiiA works. Once they started using this video in their meetings, they found that the key ideas behind the software were explained in under 5 minutes! This meant they had an additional 35 minutes to answer questions from their prospects. Not only that, but the prospects could straight away see ways they could use the software, so their questions were more about implementation than understanding. They’d taken a extra step towards signing up.

The result of this was that the meetings led to more sales of the software. The investment they made on the video was turned many times over!


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