As well as video and animation, our team also makes great cakes! This one was to celebrate our 10th birthday. Gavin baked two vegan chocolate cakes from a Nigella Lawson recipe, one round, one square. He cut them into the NC logo, and moulded icing around them. And of course, every great cake deserves a great cake video!

Over ten years, Gavin has grown the company from himself and the dog in his spare room to a team in their own studio, able to take on any video project. In that time, video really has transformed from a nice to have to a necessity. Camera costs have dropped while quality of image produced has soared. We’ve helped win our clients new business and engage their audience. Along the way, we’ve had a great deal of fun, and intend to keep at it!


Cake video - our 10th birthday cake


Looking for the recipe?

Nigella’s cake video has all the instructions, but doesn’t quite look as cool as ours!