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To celebrate our 10th Birthday!

As well as video and animation, our team also makes great cakes! This one was to celebrate our 10th birthday. Gavin baked two vegan chocolate cakes from a Nigella Lawson recipe, one round, one square. He cut them into the NC logo, and moulded icing around them. And of course, every great cake deserves a great cake video!

Why did we need a cake video?

Over ten years, Gavin has grown the company from himself and the dog in his spare room to a team in their own studio, able to take on any video project. In that time, video really has transformed from a nice to have to a necessity. Camera costs have dropped while quality of image produced has soared. We’ve helped win our clients new business and engage their audience. Along the way, we’ve had a great deal of fun, and intend to keep at it!

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Cake video - our 10th birthday cake


Looking for the recipe?

Nigella’s cake video has all the instructions, but doesn’t quite look as cool as ours!

Nigella now makes this her chocolate cake of choice, and she doesn’t even need to explain it’s vegan. It’s also incredibly simple to make.

Her version has coconut oil in the cake, and coconut butter in the icing, but you can use vegetable oil in the cake, and vegan butter/margarine for the icing if you prefer.

Both the coconut oil and coconut butter need to stand out of the fridge for a good couple of hours before using. She often takes them out the night before, as then they are easier to measure out.

Nigella recommends that you check the labelling on the chocolate you buy. It needs to be dark (minimum 70% cocoa solids for her taste), but if you need this to be absolutely dairy-free or vegan, make sure it says so on the packet.


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