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Creating branded animation that cuts cost and time of production and improves brand recognition

All companies are looking for help to reduce costs and improve their brand recognition. Watch our showreel to discover how animated branding can bring logos to life and do both these things. Clients always want their content to look branded, but too often we see static graphics stuck thoughtlessly like an Elastoplast over the video content.

Why Animated Branding is important

We always advise clients to make sure they budget for animated graphics because when you’re creating a video, anything static always jars. Using animation to bringing brand/product logos to life is the simplest and most cost effective way to really raise a video’s production value. These brand animations build into a library for future projects, so next time around will cost nothing.

We’ve helped companies like Capgemini create their branded assets. We created a series of assets, and wrote up brand guidelines which outlined how those assets should be used. This made it far easier to communicate to their various agencies around the world how their films should look. Not only did it make their films you consistent it made life easier for the production companies.

If you want to know more, check out our video brand guidelines tips.

Why make the investment?

A little spent on animation will make the whole video look and feel slicker, and basically more expensive. It also gives the branding much greater impact, as you can see in our showreel of work.

Also, with the right planning you can easily make animation that’s reuseable for other projects.

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