Demonstrate in a 'real world' environment how a software can help retailers engage customers through social media.

Ever wished it was easier to get that perfect look? Let this app promo video show you how!

In a nutshell Capgemini’s ClientAssist helps retailers connect with their clients. We were tasked with bringing this improved connection to life. In the early stages of the project we toyed with the idea of an animation. But this app promo video was all about the people, so we set about creating a story that followed one customer’s shopping experience.

Katy gets offered a new job, so she’s on a mission to get new work clothes. While she gets ready to hit the shops, Rachel the shop assistant uses ClientAssist to prepare some options, giving Katy the best possible shopping experience, before she’s even arrived!

We created the home, café, stock room, changing room, the shop and the office, all in one studio space.

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