Communicate how a procurement software can dramatically improve your business.

ADR is an internationally recognised provider of training solutions for procurement professionals. They understands the unique needs of organisations and aims to deliver tailored learning experiences. Their marketing team contacted us to create a kinetic animation that effectively communicates their expertise and services.

With ADR’s expertise and tailored approach in mind, our team set out to create an animated explainer that would captivate viewers and communicate ADR’s offering effectively. We knew that a traditional, boring presentation just wouldn’t cut it. So, we brought the explainer to life with vibrantly-colour animations, catchy visuals, and a touch of humour.

The result? A marketing video that grabs attention from the get-go and keeps viewers engaged throughout. It takes procurement concepts and represented them in a fun way, using kinetic animation to give it a playful feel. The animated ‘characters’ guide viewers through the story, making it both enjoyable and informative.

Kinetic animation is a form of animation that brings static elements to life by adding movement and visual effects. Unlike traditional character-based animation, kinetic animation focuses on animating non-character elements, such as shapes, typography, icons, and images. It employs techniques like transitions, transformations, and timing to create fluid and captivating motion sequences.

The key characteristics of Kinetic Animation


Kinetic animation revolves around creating movement in graphical elements. It can involve rotating, scaling, sliding, fading, or any other form of motion to add interest and visual impact.

Timing and Rhythm

Timing is crucial as it determines the speed and pacing of the movement, ensuring that the animation flows smoothly and synchronises with audio or other elements. Rhythm plays a significant role in creating a sense of energy and engagement.

Transitions and Transformations

Kinetic animation often utilises seamless transitions between different elements or scenes, creating a cohesive and polished visual experience. Transformations, such as morphing shapes or text, can be employed to convey information in an engaging and dynamic manner.

This type of animation also allows for the integration of various visual effects, such as particle systems, lighting, and shading. These effects enhance the overall impact of the animation and make it more visually appealing.

The flexibility and versatility of kinetic animation make it a powerful tool for communication and storytelling. It helps to simplify complex concepts, convey messages effectively, and capture the viewer’s attention

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