Tower Hamlets Council,
Document how a building refurbishment improved the building for the local community

Tower Hamlets Council were looking for a building project video that shows the history of The Whitechapel Centre. They wanted to show the challenges and development of the refurbishment of this publicly-owned building. Most importantly, they wanted to communicate how the improvements to the centre will benefit and support the local community. We were able to offer Tower Hamlets a flexible approach, filming over a long period in a Grand Designs style.

Filming a building project video

During our first meeting with representatives from Tower Hamlets we listened to what they were after, and all about the building. We suggested certain types of footage we would need to capture. From this, we created a diary of days when key staff were going to be on site, and when major works were planned we could film.

With the number of filming days confirmed in the budget, we then set about capturing interviews with the relevant people at different points throughout the project. During the first filming sessions, we had to wear hard hats on the location.

Later, we filmed some of the new tenants who had started to occupy the offices.

How did this help Tower Hamlets Council?

Tower Hamlet’s decision to create a film showcasing this community raised the profile of the project, especially with local small businesses. The film, distributed on DVD and featured on the council’s website, spotlighting the project’s positive impact, and advertiseing the remaining units.

The film provided a comprehensive and engaging overview of the community project, highlighting its objectives, progress, and success stories. This in-depth exploration resonated with residents and potential supporters, drawing their attention to the project’s significance.

By distributing the film on DVD, the council made it accessible to a wide demographic, including those with limited online access. Posting the film on the council’s website ensured a digital presence. Overall, the film played a key role in showing how this development enhanced the local economy and brought a significant building asset back into community use.

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