Source for Consultancy,
Create a conference video clip as a presenter was unable to added the event in person.

Source For Consultancy asked us to help them with a presentation they were giving in Paris. They wanted to create a conference video clip as Fiona Czerniawska, co-founder of SFC and author of their latest report, couldn’t attend a conference in person. After talking through the logistics of filming, we arranged to go to their offices to film Fiona talking directly to camera.

Creating a conference video clip

Fiona was a great speaker, able to confidently speak to camera. However, the talks she gave were quite long, so we created graphics based on the presentation to break it up. They provided the assets they regularly use for the PowerPoint presentations, which we then turned into moving graphics. These graphics broke up the presentation.

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Get your message in early

When we are setting up a project, we always work with our client to see how they can reuse the footage in different ways. This ensure that they get the best return on investment for the content we create.

For Source for Consultancy, we helped them create a series of chapters for their YouTube channel from the material. Within the YouTube introduction, we suggested Fiona state at the outset who would benefit from reading the report. Doing this ensure the viewer connects with the content if it’s relevant to them in those important first twenty seconds.

We also explained how to create a video playlist, so you move from one film to the next. This has helped the clips build views over the last few weeks.

Delivery the Conference Video Clip

We uploaded the film to WeTransfer, which is a simple file upload service. The conference organisations downloaded the file easily, and were able to line it up within the rest of the presentations. Source for Consultancy were very pleased with how the project turned out.

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