Creating a series of thought leadership films to promote the client's consultancy offering

Capgemini commissioned us to create a sales support video. The video promotes a campaign where their consultancy experts solve business dilemmas.

Location filming

We filmed in Capgemini’s Utrecht and London because their consultants were split between the two offices. This required getting the interviewing filming logistics right!

We coached each interviewee to get the right kinds of answers for the cut. Filmed with two cameras gave us more flexibility in the edit.

Back at our studio in Shoreditch, we sat down and started the edit. The first stage was to get the ‘sense’ right; this means cutting down 15 minutes of content to just 2-3 minutes of film!

Once the clip made sense, we created animations that would bring the piece together. These were based on the client’s branding, so they looked consistent. However, we created something that looks a little different, so the videos stood out.

Sales Support video Elisabetta Still

Results of the Sales Support Video

The Capgemini team were all really pleased with the way the project looked, saying they were exited to be able to use this with their marketing. Our client said:

“It was a pleasure to work with you and we were very happy with the dedication and professionalism of you and your team. Hope we will work together again!”

Video content like this is being used by organisations across the world to grow their business.

A sales support video serves as a dynamic tool. Visual storytelling and compelling content, captivates and engages potential customers, showcasing products or services.

Video can simplify complex concepts, enabling easier understanding of product features or service benefits. This clarity often nudges hesitant prospects towards a purchasing decision. Sales support videos can also address customer pain points or aspirations.

These videos can also guide customers through the buyer’s journey. From initial awareness to making informed decisions, they offer valuable insights at every stage.

Our clients share these videos across multiple platforms, amplifying their brand visibility, attracting a broader audience and nurturing leads into conversions.

Ultimately, a well-crafted sales support video not only informs but inspires action, significantly contributing to increased sales and overall business growth.

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