Create a video that supports the launch of a product.

Capgemini approached us to make an animation for a new product they’re launching. The brief was to create a lively video to support this collaboration with SAP called Fast Digital. Together we created a business intelligence animation which was fun yet informative way to explain the offering to potential new users.

Development phase

We used our Discovery Deck process to help the team identify the key messages that would really capture their audience’s attention.We asked lots of questions around their typical users and the products effects across the business. The discussion at the workshop really helped us in the later scripting and design phase.We revealed that use cases were what could really capture their audience’s imagination about what Fast Digital could do.


After the session we started drafting the scripting. We wanted to make the video fairly light hearted so we took inspiration from our favourite cartoons like Dilbert. We started by telling the story of a company that didn’t care for change or innovation.  Then you find out our characters are joking and they are market leaders.

Business Intelligence Animation

The challenge was to make our characters relatable in the work that we depicted them doing without visually going into too much detail. We wanted them to appear ordinary and a little hopeless, but then reveal that this is far from the truth. We used two different music tracks to emphasis the change in the story.

The Results

Capgemini were really please with the end result, below is a photo of the video in action at one of their events.

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business intelligence animation


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