Sifam Tinsely,
The goal was to demonstrate the features of a product to potential buyers to increase sales.

A product demo film can be a great way to instruct customers about your product. While there’s always a place for printed instructions, video footage gives your customers easy steps to show exactly how something works. Sifam Tinsley have found this the case for their detectors and metres. We’ve filmed a few product demos for them recently with one of their team talking directly to camera with the help of an autocue.

This product demo video involved a days filming with a trained operator at our client’s site. We then edited the video’s into informative chapters with close ups of the actions voiced over by the expert. We can’t share these versions of the video with you as it’s just for customers of Sifam Tinsley who have purchased the products.

Getting ROI from a Product Demo Film

The main videos contain sensitive product information about the metres. This is why customers are only given access to the films once they have bought the piece of kit. To make sure that Sifam Tinsley got ROI on their investment, we suggested using the existing footage to create 20 second promotional edits for their website.


We used short shots with a sound track to give just a taster of the product you would be purchasing. We made edits for all three products we’ve filmed so far, adding upbeat music for energy.


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