Capturing a testimonial and telling the story of a company's progress with eCommerce.

Kantar commissioned us to create a case study video telling the story of their work with the WD-40 Company. Together they’ve grown sales of WD-40 through Amazon substantially, reaching a different type of customer than they do through bricks and mortar stores. Kantar has a clear vision for eCommerce, and the film was to capture that

We filmed at their UK headquarters, which is decorated with flashes of the bold yellow, blue and red from their branding. And of course, plenty of product around the place! One thing is for certain – not a single door squeaked!

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Case study video

TeComhe Process of Making a Case Study Video

We work with our client to learn what the story behind the case study was. Next we ask them questions so that we understand the problem their client had, and how it was solved. We then create an ideal script – if the client were to give the perfect testimonial! From this we create a list of questions to gather that information.

Capturing a range of perspectives

Luckily, for this video we were able to go to the WD-40 HQ, which had so much of their branding and looked really smart. We interviewed several different members of staff which meant we got the full perspective of the problem. This was from the decision makers commissioning the work to the people who ran the Amazon store. Hearing their different perspectives gave us a lot of content which didn’t go into the film. The edit for this video took a while, as we balanced the different contributors.However transcribing the interviews meant we could give our client lots of copy to use in their brochures and website content.

We were also able to film around their offices, which made for some great b-roll.


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