Rivo Software,
Explain a client's cybersecurity software in a way which reflects their brand.

We created this Cybersecurity Explainer for Rivo Software. Rivo risk management software is used by hundreds of companies all around the world to manage the risks to their business.

Communicating the risks facing businesses

There are many risks facing business, and the explainer needed to show how it dealt with all of them:

  • corporate environment
  • health and safety
  • operational risk
  • corporate governance
  • compliance
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Our challenge was to communicate this complex offering in a simple and engaging way. We spent time with the team at Rivo going through the offering, and asking use case questions so we understood how it might be applied to various industries. This really helped when it came to writing the script. They began by bullet pointing ideas, and we then fleshed them out, combining words with visuals to make it snappier.


cybersecurity explainer

Keeping the Cybersecurity Explainer on Brand

Another challenge was staying on brand. We bounced off their corporate identity in terms of the colours and the look of their key icons. After that we made more graphics that fitted with them. We even gave them back as pngs so that they can use them on PowerPoint presentations.

The end result is something that Rivo loved, as it communicated what they did in a way that fitted with their company image. It’s now on their website, and they’re using it in presentation.

Rivosoft’s explainer animation was a strategic asset for their business. The video was designed to align seamlessly with their brand’s visual identity and effectively simplify their complex tech products. Their audience were decisions makers who weren’t necessarily technical. The animation played a vital role in bringing clarity and understanding this audience, and moving the sales process forward.

Promoted online, the cybersecurity explainer generated interest and driving traffic to the company’s website. During presentations, trade shows, and sales pitches, the animation stood out, providing a clear and engaging way to showcase Rivosoft’s unique value proposition.

This explainer is a highly effective promotional asset that significantly contributed to Rivosoft’s business growth by enhancing communication, creating engagement, and increasing brand recognition.

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