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Capgemini challenged us to come up with a fresh idea for their latest security software explainer. We pitched to them a comic book style, blending real-world locations and tech with some science fiction visualisations. We imaged the Managed Security Operations Centre as providing a protective shield around their clients, which in effect they do. SOC is end-to-end service that proactively detects security threats, and intelligently analyses security data to detect vulnerabilities.

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The SOC headquarters needed to feel really expansive and full of experts working diligently, so we started by drawing a master office. It had meeting rooms, a control wall and banks of developers at their stations. From this, we could move the camera around, like you would on a film set, to focus on individuals at work. Using this idea gave us great flexibility and allowed us to include a wealth of diverse characters.


Security software explainer 2


When it comes to making a video about security software, animation gives you a great deal of freedom. Abstract visualisations don’t reflect the literal software experience, but they do make you ‘feel’ it, which makes it easier to sell.

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