Essential Living,
Bring a static website to life to encourage interaction.

Essential Living are a Build To Rent Developer that builds and runs residential properties for rental only. They asked us to produce looping video content clips to bring some movement into their new website. With the buildings not finished, we had to find another way to create content for them!

Creating the looping video content

Creating a looped shot involves careful planning. First, you need to pick an action with a beginning and an end which are very similar. The simplest example we shot was the coffee up, where a cup is brought up the the machine and the coffee poured, and the cup removed. When using actor within the frame, you need to plan the action carefully. They might start in one position, in our example reading a book. They then simply turn the page, and try to get back to the same position they were in. An easier solution is to walk on to screen and walk off again. Typically a short loop, 3-10 seconds is often sufficient, but you need to keep it shorter if you’re going to create a gif for your website.

Choosing the subject matter

We explored the parks, cafes and streets near their developments to find great shots that have local colour. Later, we set up a lifestyle shoot, filming content that shows how the apartments will look when finished. We shot them specifically so that they could be looped, bringing life to their website.

Essential Living also used these looping videos on their Instagram.

Want to see how effective looping video content is?

We had fun creating this looped animation, which encourages new client to click and get in touch with us.

If you want help creating looping video content – or in fact any kind of film – then simply click on the animation below!


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