We’ve made a range of fun corporate films, combining video and animation to help promote and explain a range of product. We love make a drama out of our client’s challenges. And when you make their products and services human, they are more relatable.

Client Assist

This fun viral was filmed in two days in one studio. We helped the client stretch their budget by picking a studio which had several different looks in the same space. We cleverly used the space to create a coffee shop, an apartment and a clothes store.

This app promo video helped them explain their social media customer relationship

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Cars Online Corporate Films

Capgemini wanted fresh ideas for this film to promote an in depth report on car buying behaviours. So flipped the topic on its head. We made people think differently about Sat Navs. What if instead of just listening, they could talk? Changing the way we thinking about cars helped to promote this car around the world.

We also produced something that was on a lower budget for them, using stock shots and animation.

Community Engagement Video

This film was created to showcase a range of corporate social responsibility projects that Capgemini is involved in. We came up with the concept of ‘proudest moments’ as the key idea behind the film.

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Are you looking for corporate films?

We can work with you to create a brilliant corporate film that grows your business. The first stage is discovery, where we ask questions to under what you’re trying to achieve. We then present you with a script, a storyboard and a mood board, the essential blueprint of the video.

Next we start production, filming or animating. We offer you rounds of changes, so you can ensure the video is exactly as you imagined.

Finally, we deliver the files to you to upload, including subtitles.

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