Demonstrate a security software using an airport as a location.

Capgemini asked us to create this security software video that would explain to their clients how to govern access to your enterprise data more securely. We based the idea around an airport, since this location enabled us to demonstrate IDaaS through different parts of the airport journey. It’s going to be followed up by three shorts which highlight key features, based on characters seen in this animation. 

security software video 3

The airport location also gave us creative freedom, allowing us to show travellers of all ages and reasons for travel! We blended literal scenes of people checking in, with more figurative imaginings of what the luggage sorting conveyor belts look like! We find this mix of real and slightly surreal keeps the animation visually interesting and engages the viewer.

security software video 2

Another Security Software Video

If you’d like to see more of our work watch another security software explainer we’ve created for Capgemini. Alternatively, view another cybersecurity explainer for our client Rivo.

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