To communicate an offering about water detection in a memorable way.

Capgemini asked us to create yet another engaging corporate animation, this time for their Water Leakage product. This product requires us to look at the challenge of water leakage in a very different way. Rather than using sensors, which can be time consuming and costly to install, they turned to data. Using various forms of data which are already available to water companies, they can predict where and when leaks will appear.

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Our Creative Process

Now, while innovative, their product didn’t bring to mind many exciting images, aside from pipes and work people at the roadside. However, during our Discovery Deck session, we kept coming back to the idea that it was about looking at water differently. So I started to wonder – how could I think differently about water? This is a process we always try when making corporate animation.


Well, water always falls with gravity. What if it flowed up hill?

Ice is hard. What if it wasn’t? What if it was bouncy like rubber?

And it is largely silent. So what if it made noise?


And so I decided to start the script with a few, well, white lies. I made up three phenomena that showed water acting differently to what you normally expect.

A river that flowed up hill

Ice that was bouncy like rubber

And rain that made the sound of a string orchestra

Engaging corporate video


I knew when one of the clients wrote that she actually started to google to find the waterfall that flowed uphill that we’d done well! We’d put the audience in to a state where they questioned the world around them. They would be open to hearing about different ways of looking at water. And that’s exactly what we then did!

How we made this engaging corporate animation

We made the waterfall/penguins/chameleon the stars of piece, and had them represent different features of the product. The waterfall was used to show how quickly the product can be implemented (the time it takes for a nearby cherry tree to bloom). The penguins represented members of the public who drew attention to leaks, or complained that their water pressure was down. And the chameleon turned from green to gold with all the money saved on investigations.

All in all this was a really engaging corporate animation to work on!


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