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Show our clients how we make their videos!

Clients often come to us with no idea how a corporate animation is made, what to expect of their animation company. When they see the first version, clients are surprised there’s little movement or design, everything is a bit simplistic. That’s because animation is an iterative process, with the details and complexity building with each version.

We created this short film to help people visualise and understand the process, so take 90 seconds out of your day and learn how we make our animations!

corporate animation

Making Corporate Animation


We start with a Discovery Workshop, where we listen to your challenge, discuss your audience and identify your key messages. Our clients find this process exciting and very revealing!

Next, we work out how to communicate these in a memorable way and share this with you in a script. You’ll give your feedback on this, and we exchange drafts until we have the production script.

Then we draw a storyboard to help you visualise how the action will play out, and create a moodboard to show you what it will look like

Once you’re happy, we go into production.


nc workshop

What’s with the Octopus?


First you’ll see an animatic, which is a basic version with a dummy voice over. Then we’ll start bringing in the style and making things move. You’ll be commenting on each version to help us refine it, until we’re adding nice flourishes that bring it all to life…



Once you’ve signed off the animation, we record the final voice over, mix in music and add sound effects. Sound effects are particularly important, they help the action you’re seeing feel more real.


We bring this all together into your finished animation. You can see more of our corporate animation in our portfolio. If you’re interested in creating a corporate animation to help grow your business, get in touch.


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