Show off our Client's technology in a virtual reality format.

Kantar approached us looking for VR video content to show off their Innovation Suite. Kantar delivers de-duplicated user-centric reach and frequency data to understand how audiences are spending time across platforms. This lets their clients focus on targeting effectively, optimising campaigns in-flight, and driving sales and impact.

The suite is a mock up of a family home, except they have all the kit they use to monitor media consumption installed. We worked with them to create a story that allowed us to explore a family at home, watching media through various devices. We then used hot spots to bring up short videos that showed how the various tools they’ve created work.

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How we made this VR video content

To create the film, we worked with Kantar to plot the journey through the space. Each room was designated a particular section of content which enabled us to cover all elements of their technology. We broke down the script into what was needed in the VR experience and what video clip was needed.

With all of the scripting done, on the shoot day we combined our team with those from Infinite Form. We positioned a 360-degree cameras strategically within each the room. This capture all angles, so the viewer could see the entire space. Careful camera placement helps in creating a seamless and immersive experience for the viewer. Lighting is critical to successful filming so we opted for well-distributed, even lighting to prevent glare or shadows that can disrupt the VR experience.

We cast a real family to be our stars, who would be watching content in the pretend flat. We provided them with guidelines on how to interact with the virtual environment to ensure a natural and engaging VR experience.

All in all this vr video content worked really well in demonstrating how Kantar’s measurement technology works.

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