Turpentine Gallery,
Create a colourful and playful animation that shows off what the Gallery has to offer.

We produced this lovely short explainer animation for the talented people over at The Turpentine in Brixton. The story follows the many kinds of art, giftware, homeware and artistic classes that are available.

We wanted to communicate that The Turpentine had something for everybody, so we built the video around the idea that we’re all creative. This was the perfect opportunity for us to get creative too! We worked with them using our Discovery Deck process to create the script.

“Love it!! Totally fit’s with our vibe and describes what we do! Thanks so much guys! Not sure I should have so many exclamations in one short email but here’s some more for good measure!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Designing the Characters

We set about creating the characters based on the interesting shape of their logo. A builder, designer, painter, and of course the person who just like looking. We then set about designing the rest of the explainer animation.

explainer animation

We then had fun building a simplified representation of Brixton, being sure to include the Ritzy and Lambeth Town Hall. Both just a stones throw from their shop.

explainer animation

We really enjoyed getting creative with this one, and we’ve even got some of their prints up in our studio. So, if you’re in Brixton, you’ll find them on 433 Coldharbour Lane. If not, you should definitely check out their site!

Considerations for making an explainer animation

When choosing a style for an explainer animation, several important factors need to be considered. You also have to consider complexity versus price and speed of delivery, and incorporation of the client’s brand. Here’s a breakdown of these considerations

1. Audience and Message
Consider your target audience and the message you want to convey. The animation style should resonate with the audience and effectively communicate the intended message.

2. Purpose and Goals
Understand the purpose of the explainer animation. Is it to educate, entertain, persuade, or inform? Tailor the animation style to align with the specific goals.

3. Brand Identity
Incorporate the client’s brand identity into the animation. This includes using brand colours, fonts, logos, and overall design elements to maintain brand consistency and enhance brand recognition.

4. Human Characters vs. Motion Graphics
A big decision is whether to use human characters and if so, how realistic will they look. Human characters can create relatability and emotional connection, but they can get complex is animation. Other styles might be more suitable based on the content and audience preferences.

5. Complexity vs. Budget vs. Time Constraints
Assess the complexity of the animation style and weigh it against the available budget and time frame for the project. More complex animation styles often require a higher budget and more time for development.

6. Cost-Efficiency
Balance the desired style with cost considerations. Simplified animation styles or vector-based animations can be cost-effective while still delivering the message effectively.

7. Speed of Delivery
Evaluate the project timeline and consider the time it takes to develop and produce the chosen animation style. Some styles might be quicker to create than others, which is important if the project has tight deadlines.

8. Technical Feasibility
Ensure that the chosen animation style is technically feasible based on the tools, software, and expertise available to the animation team. Some styles may require specialised skills or tools.

9. Engagement and Appeal
Choose a style that is engaging and visually appealing to the intended audience. The animation should capture attention and maintain interest throughout the presentation.

10. Test and Feedback
Create prototypes or samples of different animation styles and gather feedback from the client or target audience. Use their input to refine and finalise the chosen style.

By carefully considering these factors and finding the right balance between creativity, budget, time constraints, and alignment with the brand and audience, you can select the most appropriate animation style for your explainer video.

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