ING Bank,
Demonstrate an app to win a bid for more funding for its development.

We were approached to create a new FinTech animation by creators of a new app.They were looking to raise funds for further development.

Creating the Fintech Animation

When we were getting started on the project, it was in the infancy stage of development. But, great progress had been made on the branding and functionality of the app. Our client had a presentation fast approaching. With only a short amount of time to present the idea, they knew they needed a short impactful video. Something that got to the heart of the app quickly would give them more time in the presentation. Allowing them to talk about their ideas and answer questions from the panel.

We quickly set up a Discovery Deck workshop, which allowed us to understand how the app worked. From there we quickly storyboarded the ideas that came from it. In the meantime our illustrator started work on some key characters we’d need, regardless of the script.

Educating Young People about Money

The aim of the app is very much to educate young people about money, but it is also about a family experience. We built a world and a set off characters with scenarios to communicate different ideas around money. It wasn’t just focused on spending. It also includes concepts of short and long term savings. We still managed to keep the fintech animation focused and under three minutes!

As usual, we worked through rounds of changes, working quickly to hit the approaching deadline. We developed a structured way of getting feedback, through a web app which really accelerates this process. Our client was also on the other end of a call to give us feedback on specific changes.

Our client showed the video gave a great presentation, and won their next round of funding! It is really exciting when you work on a project, create it quickly and get a concrete result.

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