Delete Blood Cancer, Sifam Metres,
Demonstrate how simple it is to register your details and support those suffering from Blood Cancer.

Creating a charity training video

We had the pleasure of working with DKMS UK to create a variety of charity training video content.

Someone in the UK is told they have a blood cancer like leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma every twenty minutes.

A blood stem cell donation from a matching donor could save their lives.

As there can sometimes be uncertainty as to what is needed to get involved, they wanted a video to demonstrate just how simple the registration process really is, so they got in contact.

We filmed one of their staff, going through the motions, demonstrating exactly how simple it is to become a potential blood stem cell donor.

charity training video

We also helped them create training videos videos for their many volunteers. These helped explain how to deal with multiple registrations at events.

Become a blood stem cell donor now!

A charity video is a great way of raising awareness for any charity, and as with DKMS the uses go way beyond just raising awareness. It can really make a difference to the results you get.

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