If you’re raising awareness about an issue or raising funds, a charity video creates a strong emotional response in your audience. You can present them with the compelling story of your cause, and give a clear call to action. You can not only demonstrate why your issue needs to be addressed, but how your charity is changing the lives of those affected for the better.

How we’ve helped others through charity video content

Helping Brain Injury and Stroke Sufferers through COVID-19

We created a charity video for SameYou, a charity focusing on brain injury recovery. They sponsored the development of N-ROL, a neurorehabilitation programme that allows stroke and brain injury sufferers to dial in from home and receive their treatment sessions online from their own home. N-ROL will not just benefit people during COVID-19; it has piloted a new way to provide support in the future. The clip just proves that during Covid charity video content is key to communicating with your audience.

We’d helped out with some smaller campaign materials for SameYou, so they came to use when they wanted to document the work they were doing during COVID-19. We coached UCL’s team who filmed some content during lockdown, with us filming additional sessions with our crew as lockdown lifted. It gave us the perfect chance to practice filming with PPE and being mindful about our environment.



Promoting Cycle Safety in London

For London Cycle Campaign, we showed how important it is for cyclists to grow their voice in discussions about planning and policy.


By using SEO keywords within your script and adding subtitles, your content will rank higher in Google’s results. This enables people affected by your cause to find your content in the top search results. A charity video is also easy to share on social media, reaching a wider audience quickly and easily.

Telling the story of an individual

For a charity video to be successful, you have to tell a compelling story. When you take a big issue and show how it is affecting people through an individual’s story, you can really hit home your message. We did this for Capgemini’s Global Community engagement video, turning large charity contributions into stories about individuals facing challenges. This personalisation adds a layer of authenticity to you campaign.


Animation can simplify complex issues

A charity animation is powerful tool for charities to bring into play. Visualising a complex issue with animation can be a way of simplifying the concepts to make it accessible. Jigsaw Trust commissioned us to create an animation about autism. The animation explained the different ways autism can affect children and the ways to combat it. It would have been far more complex (and costly) to communicate this with interviews or dramatisations.

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Educate people with charity video

We had the pleasure of working with DKMS UK to create a variety of charity training video content.

Every 20 minutes, someone in the UK is told they have a blood cancer like leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma.

A blood stem cell donation from a matching donor could save their lives.

As there can sometimes be uncertainty as to what is needed to get involved, we created this video to demonstrate just how simple the registration process really is.

charity training video

We also helped them create training videos videos for their many volunteers. These helped explain how to deal with multiple registrations at events.




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