Jo Coppins of Capgemini on our Bid Video Company Credentials

Capgemini has been commissioning us as their bid video company on countless bid videos, ranging from explainer animations to filmed testimonials.

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Capgemini has been working with Napoleon Creative for almost 10 years. It’s a very strong relationship. We come to them when we really want Capgemini to shine in front of a client. They help us think of ways of bringing our solution to life through videos and animations.

Napoleon really help us understand the nuance of what we’re offering, so they’ll listen and they’ll take on board what the technical aspects are. But they will also look at the business benefits and the way they pull the creative is something that brings out those business benefits. It’s really easy to add your ideas and they will jump on them as well and build on that.

Often we’ll only have an hour to get our message across to the client, and that will include company background and our solution. So if we have a bid video that shows our vision that is just so incredibly powerful. We are able to create that sometimes in days, and that really, really gives us an edge.

We’ve had occasions when the clients looked at one of the videos we’ve done and they’re just looked at us and said “Can we clap? That’s amazing!” You’ve absolutely understood what we’re trying to achieve and you’ve put it in a story in a way that everyone understands from the IT lot to the business lot.

I think having these really strong materials and something that gives us a bit of sparkle gives everybody a bit more confidence. So we relax and look the client in the eye, because we know we can tell everyone our story and we’ve got something extra special to tell them.

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Using a video during a bid presentation is an absolute game-changer and can significantly boost your chances of winning the bid. Here are five reasons why:


Visual Impact

Videos are more engaging and captivating than even the slicked PowerPoint presentation. They immediately capture the attention of the audience and make a memorable impression. The combination of moving image and sound can convey ideas much quicker than with a PowerPoint.



Videos provide an excellent platform for storytelling. We can present your company’s journey, success stories, and case studies in a narrative format that resonates with the evaluators. This emotional connection can help build trust and rapport, giving you an edge over your competitors.


Demonstration of Solutions

A video allows you to demonstrate your products or services in action. Whether it’s a software solution or a construction project, a video can visually showcase the benefits and functionality. This helps the evaluators understand the real-world application and visualise the value your offering brings.


Consistency and Clarity

During a live presentation, there’s always the risk of human error or digressions from the main points. With a pre-recorded video, you can ensure a consistent message and clear communication, essential when communicating a complex offer.


Time Efficiency

Bid presentations often have time constraints, and it’s essential to make the most of the allotted time. By using a video, you can efficiently cover the most critical aspects and make sure every second counts. You can create a short video featuring multiple presenters, showing the entire team who will be working on the project, impossible in person.


Overall, a well-executed video can leave a lasting impression on the evaluators, making your bid stand out from the competition. It reinforces your professionalism, creativity, and commitment to delivering a high-quality proposal. So, let’s leverage the power of video and bring your bid presentation to a whole new level of success!

When we speak to Bid Managers, they often tell us one of these three things:

  • They have a great offering, but find it hard to distil it to a clear message their prospect will understand quickly
  • The team behind the bid is really strong, but they lack the creative skills to really wow the client
  • They have great subject matter experts, but there’s not enough to time for them all to present

If any of these resonate with you, then as a bid video company we can help.

We’ve worked on a range of bid video clips to help our client win bids, tenders and funding. These films have included explainer videos, testimonials and ‘sizzle reels’. These are usually completed at high speed, sometimes with only a week or two to deliver them.

We help teams streamline their proposal into a succinct and punch video, which captures the attention at the start of a bid presentation.

We work with the team to deliver on camera, making sure they come across as friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about the bid.

And we blend both our client’s and their prospect’s branding to make sure that the prospect feels immediately at home with the potential new partnership.

Why should you choose Napoleon Creative to support your bid?

We totally understand confidentiality, even if it makes it frustrating for us not being able to tell new clients about the work we’ve created!

Our clients continue to have a consistently high win rate

We know how to work under pressure, delivering high quality film and animation with tight turnarounds

We are able to take views from a wide group of individuals working together and create a clear message from it

We offer an experienced outside view, helping you focus on what is going to resonate with your prospect

At Napoleon Creative there are no Account Handlers or PA firewalls.

When you contact us you'll get straight through to our Creative Director, Gavin Ricketts.