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Give top tips to encourage people to buy a book about CVs.

Gavin wrote a book for people working in Film and TV to help them win more work by improving their CVs. Talented crew would send him their CVs, but they weren’t communicating their skills well. He started by running workshops, but then decided to put his approach to CV writing down on paper. The book has sold over 500 copies, gaining a five star rating on Amazon in the process. Crew members have emailed him to say they’ve been offered more job since applying his TV CV principles, which shows the book works. Writing the book has brought him to the attention of the Guardian, as a result he has written an article and took part in a panel discussion about getting work in their Media section.

How did we make the video?

Gavin wanted a video that he could post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote the book. He identified which were the quickest, easiest things to change on a CV to clear the clutter yet make it communicate a person’s experience and skills. Our designer Michael created a camera character who takes leaps and bounds to improve his (or her!) CV.


TV CV tips animation screenshot

Tops TV CV tips

To improve your CV, be sure to follow these simple tips.

1) Make your name and role clear and confident, so they remember who you are, and what you do.

2) Unnecessary information detracts from the stuff that matters, so cut out irrelevant content.

3) Clearly show your climb up the job ladder, because it will help your employer see how you’ve grown in experience.

4) Explain the project not just your role, as they might not know what kind of production it is.

5) You covering letter shouldn’t be a plea for the job, make sure it starts a conversation instead

Read Clearly Creative CVs and you will re-think the whole application process and make your CV work harder, getting you in front of potential employers.

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