A solicitor’s firm came to us look for a reception video to play on a screen as their clients. They were finding the clients would come for a particular service through recommendation, but found they didn’t know the wide range of experience they had. So they might come in for a family issue, but not think of the firm when they had a property issue.


Benefits of a Reception Video

  • Entertains your customers
  • Shows the range of your business offering
  • Can bring products or services to light
  • Reinforces brand messaging
  • Easily updated
  • Can have time-based messages
  • Can direct people to your website or app


The key thing with a reception video is to make sure that the tone is right for your business. For a solicitors, people can be in a difficult situation, so you need to be sensitive to the fact that some people won’t be in a happy frame of mind. For a spa, it would be a completely different feel as people are going to relax.

We kept this reception video clear, on brand and simple. The text animates slowly – we didn’t want people getting irritated or distracted by it. Overall, a very happy client!

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