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We combined live action and 3D in this big data video to illustrate Capgemini’s Business Data Lake-as-a-Service.

Business Data Lake-as-a-Service was a really interesting project for us to work on. It’s another explainer for Capgemini, a regular client. A real mixture of elements were used, with actors, abstract shapes, a whole city and lake! It all came together to make a big data video with a difference.

The idea of an actual big data lake conjured up all sorts of ideas. We were keen to include real people in the video, but the choices were endless when it came to the world they could be in. We went for a computer generated lake full of data blocks. The idea was that you can see that you have all of this data, a whole lake full, but it’s only when you go beneath the surface that you see the value it brings.

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The green screen provided the ideal canvas for integrating the live-action footage with the imaginative animation elements. Our post-production team worked meticulously to merge the actors into various vibrant and dynamic animated environments, adding depth and visual richness to the scenes. The collaboration between the live-action and animation teams was key, ensuring a cohesive and visually stunning end product.


big data video


A data lake stores vast amount of raw, structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data in its original format. It allows for scalable storage without a predefined schema, which makes it highly flexible. Data lakes are crucial in big data and analytics, supporting advanced analytics, machine learning, and other data-driven applications. Efficient data management and organisation within the data lake, including metadata tagging and cataloging, are essential for data accessibility and usability. Capgemini helps company move their data to a lake, and then manage it to make the most from it.

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