Toni & Guy,
Engage an influencer's audience while showing off the client's products.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working on a series of beauty tips video content for the Toni & Guy HairMeetWardrobe campaign. We filmed at their headquarters, where they have a full hairdressing salon!

Our challenge, to film 5 bloggers explaining and demonstrating how to achieve their individual look. We had a great day filming each of the bloggers and it was nice challenge having to squeeze them all into 1 minute edits.

We learnt plenty of styling tips along the way too. Unfortunately I don’t have much hair to style though!

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Why commission a beauty tips video?

A beauty tips videos by a trusted vlogger can have influence, amplifying product sales for hair care companies like Toni and Guy. In the digital age, vloggers, often perceived as trustworthy influencers, hold considerable sway over their audience’s preferences and purchasing decisions. When vloggers create engaging content, such as a tutorial or review, showcasing Toni and Guy’s hair care products and sharing effective beauty tips, they effectively leverage their authority and reach.

By showcasing their personal experience and positive results, vloggers can create a sense of trust and credibility with their viewers. This first hand endorsement significantly influences potential customers who value authentic recommendations.

Moreover, the engaging nature of video content ensures a wider audience reach. All the vloggers have a substantial following on various social media platforms, allowing Toni and Guy’s products to be exposed to a diverse and extensive audience. This increased visibility leads to heightened brand awareness and a larger consumer base.

Beauty tips video content like this can serve as powerful marketing tools, leveraging credibility, reach, and engagement to significantly boost Toni and Guy’s product sales by effectively showcasing their offerings and imparting valuable beauty advice to a broad and captivated audience.

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