Visualise digital services in a distinctive and playful way to engage the viewer.

Capgemini asked us to create a video overview of their Digital Manufacturing services. As this offering is all about the future, technology and progression, we pitched a bright, abstract concept, with floating cubes and interesting shapes. We also tried to work against gravity, having elements that floated up rather than down. All this hopefully make this digital manufacturing animation stand out!

One of the benefits of having something abstract, it that it can be quite hypnotising. While text/icon based animations have their place, if you can capture your audience visually, they will keep watching. I find this animation particularly soothing to watch!

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Digital manufacturing animation

Creating the Digital Manufacturing Animation

For this animation, we combined both 2D and 3D animation elements. Backgrounds, overlays, and text animation were created in After Effects. After establishing the 2D foundations, the 3D boxes were created in Cinema 4D and brought to life. Lighting, shadows, and other visual effects are then applied to make 3D elements feel real. Once the 3D components are ready, they are imported into After Effects and integrated seamlessly with the 2D elements.

After Effects serves as the central platform for compositing, where both 2D and 3D elements are combined, and additional effects, transitions, and motion graphics are applied. This integration results in the dynamic animation you see above.

Video is an invaluable tool for conveying the intricate processes and concepts of digital manufacturing. Digital manufacturing involves the use of advanced technologies like computer-aided design, simulation, and robotics to streamline the production. These processes can be complex and challenging to grasp through static text or images alone.

With a digital manufacturing animation, these complexities can be visualised and explained dynamically. Viewers can better understand the entire digital manufacturing workflow. It also allows for a deeper understanding of how various technologies interconnect and contribute to the manufacturing process.

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