Desk Beers,
Explain Desk Beer's offering with a short, eye-catching and on brand animation.

Deskbeers deliver craft beer to businesses. Because there are different ways and reasons to buy, we needed to communicate as many of these as possible. We also wanted to give a little peak into how they make it all happen. In reality an animated explainer video can vary in length, anywhere up to 3 minutes is a safe bet, but we got this one down to just 50 seconds!

“Our video explains to potential customers in 50 seconds what our website has fumbled around saying for years. It’s a quick, engaging introduction to our company and has been useful in everything from PPC advertising campaigns through to closing sales.”

Adam Rogers, Founder & CEO, Deskbeers

How we make an animated explainer video

We bounced around a few ideas and settled on something fun and to the point. Getting straight to the beer seemed only right! They already had a great bottle design, so we created a glass and can to suit. To stay true to the brand, it was important that any new assets followed the same vector style, with black stroke outlines and the simple colour palette.

animated explainer video

Adapting 2D designs for 3D animation

As the ideas evolved, our biggest challenge was to maintain this style even when the animation was taken beyond the limitations of 2D vector graphics. Wherever possible we love to add 3D into our animations. Having a few of these moments helps keeps things interesting, and it’s vital to keep your audience engaged no matter how long the video.

Taking the designs into Cinema 4D, we built 3D models of the key elements. We carefully matched the style of black stroke outlines using a mixture of shapes, textures and render effects. The result is a seamless transition between between our 2D and 3D worlds.

animated explainer video

All told, we’re thrilled with the final video we delivered, and of course the feedback from our client!

So, as your business grows, give Deskbeers a shout for the beers to celebrate!

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