Inspire staff to take part in an internal initiative to be more digital.

We recently made this short superhero explainer for Capgemini, a management consulting company. It follows four heroes who break out of their everyday disguises to heed the call of some serious technology issues.

The brief was to inspire employee engagement with a short punch animation. Given the subject matter, we felt we could be a little more playful so we suggested a two-tone comic book style.

We varied the camera angles to make a high impact trailer full of drama, helped by worldwide locations.

Why did our client choose a superhero explainer?

Animation is a highly effective tool for enhancing employee engagement. Its appeal lies in its ability to simplify concepts and convey information in a visually engaging and entertaining manner. In this case, the intention was to make employees feel like they are able to show their true superhero skills.

Illustration can take you around the globe with a flick of a pen

Illustration offers a unique advantage by enabling us to depict diverse scenes from cities like Paris, London, New York, and Mumbai. Our drawings vividly captured each city’s distinctive culture, architecture, and lifestyle. Artists can portray the romantic ambiance of Paris with its iconic Eiffel Tower and charming streets, the historic charm of London with its Embankment landmarks, the bustling energy of New York with its towering skyscrapers, and the vibrant streets of Mumbai. Illustration allows for a creative and artistic portrayal of the energy of these cities, offering a visual feast to viewers.

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