Capturing a testimonial from a satisfied client.

We were asked by Infosys to film a testimonial about their relationship with Aimia, for whom they have provided testing services. So we arranged a filming date to come to the Infosys offices in Canary Wharf, and set up to film. Before that though, we drew up a list of testimonial film questions.

Having been filming testimonial interviews for over ten years, we have a good understanding of what questions will be getting the best answers. We work with our clients to find out what they want the person to talk about, and often it’s all about the services that they have provided, and the quality of those services. We then throw in questions which are more about the emotional and value aspects of the work. So, how did your feel when the project went live? Or what did the project enable you to do that you didn’t expect? And what has been the most valuable part of the project for you personally? All these testimonial film questions get some really rich answers.


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