Gallomanor commissioned to create a video for their I’m a Scientist project, which is like a school science lesson meets the X Factor! Scientists and students talk online via the website. They break down barriers, have fun and learn. And then the voting begins! They needed a video strategy, as they wanted to reach several different audiences

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video strategy

Originally they wanted one video to explain the whole project. It soon became clear that actually, they needed three: one for the students, one for the scientists and one for the teachers. Having recorded detailed interviews with each group, we re-cut the material with different slants, favouring the right content for each. The client now has three videos that are specifically targeted towards the relevant audience that can be used online and within schools to create and stir and help the event grow.

video strategy

Our first project for Kaplan Law School was to film testimonials from their students, for a clip to form part of their pitch to Law firms who were interested in sending graduate trainees on Kaplan courses. We filmed on the last day of exams and delivered a piece specially encoded for embedding within a PowerPoint presentation. A few months later, they asked us to edit the material into a graduate recruitment video. So we went back to the original interviews and pulled out slightly different material, showing more of the social side of the school, and facilities provision.

For just the cost of additional edit, they could get a new, targeted clip. Just shows how one day’s filming, if you have the right video strategy in the way you film and archive your material, can be used for multiple clips.

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