If you’re promoting a venue for hire, want to capture the excitement of your event, or just want to add something special, event videos offer great opportunities to make your events memorable and lasting.

It could be timelapses that showcase the event setup, or crowd activity over a long period of time. Footage of audience interaction, or interviews with attendees. Video offers something that photography of an event alone can’t capture, and with 4K footage being commonplace, if you do want some images you can always take some stills from the footage the video!

How you can use event videos to win more business

Event videos that showcase a venue

For the Museum of London we really showed off the spaces available for hire by filming events and the spaces while they were empty. Showing how the space transforms and the expertise of approved suppliers. With a Discovery Workshop, we’ll drill down to get to the heart of what makes your venue unique.

Conference highlights

Whether it’s a conference, awards ceremony, exhibition or another celebration, let us capture the special moments. We can either edit together highlights to show how exciting it is to be part of your event or film whole talks which can be shared with a wider than could possible attend your event. This is extremely useful to document the event and as marketing content for the future, like this conference highlights video we made for Capgemini at Salesforce World Tour.

Unique experiences

It doesn’t just stop at capturing the event itself. Video can improve the experience of your events too. Event spaces often have high quality AV setups, allowing you to put branded content on screen. This is called digital signage. With bespoke content on these screens you can capture the imaginations of your audience. Really putting your stamp on the event.

When it comes to the big presentation, you can also add some sparkle, turning your slides into video and animations that will keep your audience engaged, entertained and inspired!

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