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Communicating a new vision for a company to its staff.

We’ve just had some great feedback from a new client who approached us to make an animated PowerPoint presentation.

“I want to thank you and the team for the great work on the presentation, it went really well.

We have had great reactions and the presentation was the perfect tool to get our new vision across. Thank you for your creativity, flexibility and patience. We are all happy with the result.”

The presentation was launching a new brand to an internal audience at their annual conference. The trouble was learning how to wow an audience and accomplishing it with a quick turnaround.

Delivering an animated PowerPoint presentation in super quick time


Creativity is always under pressure when you have time constraints. Luckily, we had clear brand guidelines to work from, but still you need to be able to bring more to the table than just reworking existing material. We had to really understand what the client and their copywriter were trying to convey on each slide in order to know how to digitally craft and enhance that message.

The  animated their newly designed logo and revealed the brand in an exciting and engaging way our client was very pleased with.

We always try and veer away from producing slides with too much copy, so we created stand-alone icons for key topics. After introducing them in the first slides, we relied on the icons there after.

animated PowerPoint presentation


PowerPoint has grown into a very powerful beast, with some great animation techniques to move between slides. However, to make something stand out you really need to add animation clips. We produced 5 animations that brought to life the content in a way PowerPoint couldn’t handle. The trick is to make the files the right size and format for the end presentation. With out team of designers and animators, we were able to flex with the project’s needs. Some slides turning into animation, other turned back into images.


Given the tight turn around, we also had to be flexible with our time. There were three May Bank Holidays to work around. In the Netherlands our Client had Thursday and Friday off, while in the UK we had the Monday off. This meant delivering formats our client could easily review when away from base, and us being willing to work over weekends.


We also needed to be flexible with their technical team. We started the project using a standard 16:9 ratio, but after conversations with the technical team, we discovered it was extra wide screen. This means looking back at the project and reworking it not just to suit the wider format, but to ensure that the presentation would work over two extra wide split screens.

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When you’re creating a big presentation in a short time, there’s always pressure. Slides were created, then cut, then reinstated. We keep patient so the client has time to come up with ideas, review changes and if necessary go back to plan A.


The End Result

The end deck was an animated PowerPoint presentation with 40-slides with animations and graphics, which we delivered in 10 working days!

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