Tell an employee's story to show how the client innovates.

We edited this short brand film that shows the innovative work of Ann Davies, one of BP’s pioneering engineers. Working with footage shot by their filming agency, we were chosen for our storytelling abilities.

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Getting the tone of the piece right was essential, and we worked with the client and their ad agency Ogilvy to get it right. It was a challenge getting the balance between explaining the complexities of the work Ann leads, while not getting mired down with detail. At one point we discussed including animations, before deciding to let the footage speak for itself.

Editing a brand film

Editing this interview involved an iterative process to ensure the final version effectively conveyed Ann’s insights and expertise. Initially, we transcribed the interview, creating a verbatim written record of the discussion. This text served as the starting point for the editing process. We created a ‘paper edit’, where you take the transcript and edit it into order. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the way the statements were said, but at least you’ve made a start.

With the paper cut assembled in video, we delivered a series of versions, each with slightly different content. As always, we upload the cuts to our web app which allows for easy commenting. With one central place for comments, our clients were able to resolve some of the ideas on the platform, saving time on lengthy calls.

Once the cut was locked, we moved to finishing the film which involves a sound mix and grade. During the mix, each audio track is balanced so the voice is clear and not overpowered by music.

The grade really boosted the look of the film, and brought all the footage, filmed over a series of shooting days, into one look.

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The final brand film was premiered at their internal AG, and then shown at conferences.


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