Communicate the key benefits and value a SaaS product brings, while keeping within new brand guidelines

Our regular client Kantar Media asked us to create branded video content to promote their new Reputation offering. As a result we created a video that was in part a walkthrough of the dashboard, but also illustrating the value that the product brings to its users. Reputation has extensive tracking and monitoring capability, combined with Kantar’s evaluation expertise, which provides insights to their clients to help them understand how they are seen by consumers and influencers. Brands can then respond quickly when needed and informs planning and strategies on driving longer-term brand value and loyalty.

SaaS Animation

Tips for making Branded Video Content

As always, we recommend the ‘trailer’ approach. You’re not creating a movie that tells every single feature and benefit of the product. You should be creating a ‘trailer’ that:

  • shows the best bits that will grab your audience’s attention
  • creates an emotional response
  • show them the value it brings (not necessarily the details of ‘how’ it brings value)
  • gives them a strong call to action to move towards purchase

This also keeps the length of the video down, which is all important in our time-poor, distraction-rich lives.

Branded content video

One of the key things was to make sure we stuck to Kantar’s recent brand refresh. This was new territory, as although they had a great and expansive collection of brand guidelines and templates, we were the first London Animation studio to create an animation for them after the re-band. This meant we had lots of fun exploring how to make the guidelines move on screen!

If you’re looking for branded video content, we can help your bring your brand to life. We will work with you to work out what your message is, so that the script is focused. We’ll building on your branding to create a slick looking video, whether that’s a film or an animation.

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