Virtually Live,
Capture people's reactions to the client's VR offering.

We got a call out of the blue from Virtually Live, asking us if we could provide conference video filming services when they came to the UK and Monaco. They’d seen our website, and liked the work we do.

We spent the day at Chelsea football club for one conference. We got to walk out into the stadium itself! The conference was small, but very focused, with technology companies related to sport

We then flew to Monaco for another conference a few weeks later. This was a more general conference, but we still learned a lot from the other stands.

Virtually Live is a media and technology company enabling fans to digitally engage in live events across multiple devices and platforms, creating entertainment experiences that are more fun, interactive and social than ever before.

Their innovative product helps you attend a live football event – virtually! It creates a computer generate version of the game in real time, allowing you to go on to the pitch as play happens, or get the best view from the VIP box!

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How can you make conference video filming?

Conference video filming can really help you make the most of investment in a conference stand. Capturing vox pops with potential clients who visit your stand can be a game-changer for your business strategy. You can connect with potential clients and gain valuable insights into their challenges and needs. You can then show how your product solves those challenged.

Documenting your presence at the event means you can share it with those who didn’t attend on LinkedIn and other platforms.

In essence, filming at a conference and incorporating vox pops filming empowers your business to engage with potential clients. You’ll learn from their challenges, and align your solutions accordingly, driving business growth.



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