Cranfield University,
Excite prospective students to the University's water courses

We created this course promotion video to show the activities on Cranfield University’s Water MSc. We were filming on one of their training days, out in the field. It was great fun to be around the drilling kit, and learning so much.

About the Water Science Institute

The Water Science Institute has an international reputation for its transformational research and teaching in the science, engineering and management of water in the municipal, industrial and natural environments.

They have been working in water for over 40 years. Their academic and research staff, including scientists, engineers, technologists, policy specialists and social scientists, are engaged in delivering postgraduate teaching, research, consultancy and training in an international arena.

They deliver a number of MSc programmes and support a large cohort of PhD and EngD research students. They work closely with a range of clients across industry and government helping them to address their water challenges and make a progressive contribution to the green economy.

What kind of course promotion video content can you make?

– Dynamic Course Previews: trailers showcasing the highlights and benefits of the course to captivate potential students.

– Student Testimonials: Feature current or past students sharing their experiences and successes related to the course, establishing credibility and relatability.

– Virtual Campus Tours: Produce virtual tours of the campus, facilities, and classrooms to give prospective students a glimpse of the learning environment and resources.

– Faculty Introductions: Showcase faculty members, their areas of expertise, and the unique perspectives they bring to the educational experience.

– Live Q&A Sessions: Host live video sessions where interested students can ask questions about the course, providing immediate, personalised engagement and information.

– Webinars and Masterclasses: These offer a taste of the learning content and faculty expertise.

– Interactive Course Demos: These show course content or software applications used, allowing students to engage with the learning tools.

– Collaborations and Partnerships: Highlight any partnerships, collaborations, or affiliations the course has with industry professionals or organisations.

– Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Content about course preparation, lectures, workshops, or events, giving a glimpse into the course structure.

– Social Media Campaigns: Short, attention-grabbing videos on social media platforms create buzz among the target audience.

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