Super fast animation, just 48hrs to bring an idea to life to introduce an app that brings together volunteers and people with needs during the Covid-19 Crisis.

While Animation has always been a powerful visual storytelling medium, we have seen the demand for animation rise in the last few months.

That’s why long-term client FutureGov turned to us to create an animation for their Beacon app. We turned this app around in 48 hours so they could start promoting their app into play as quickly as possible.

We helped them shape their script and gave them some visual styles to consider, setting expectations of what could be achieved within the time frame they had.

Our team, all working from their respective homes, used web conferencing to stay in touch, share screens and keep the project moving. Keeping an eye on consistency was essential, given that we couldn’t see each other’s screens while we worked!

If you’re looking for an animation, then book a call and we can talk you through the process.

Why is the demand for animation rising?

Animation is a wonderful format that can tell complex stories, even ones which might not seem visually interesting, in an effective and engaging way. With filming options being greatly limited, we’re seeing a rise in enquiries around how can we communicate with animation, since this can be done remotely by our animation team.  It means that companies can still communicate clearly and with impact, and keep the quality of their communication high.

Demand for animation

What makes a great animation?

There are three key elements to a great animation.

  • The scripts that tells the story and communicates the message
  • The mood board which shows you how it’s going to look
  • The storyboard which show how the action that happens in the film

A great animation studio will be able to help you with all of these – and we certainly can!

What should you consider before commissioning an animation?

The message is key. What are you trying to communicate? Once you have it, can you simplify it further? And is this the message your audience is looking for?

We help people with this process of distilling their ideas with our Discovery Deck.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a style in mind, we can show you a range of animation. But if you’ve seen a film you like , feel free to share it with us.

What are the risks for commissioning animation during Covid-19

Animations are complex to make, and when everyone’s in the studio, we can see each other’s work. This makes it easy to both bounce ideas of people, and also maintain consistency. However, with Covid-19 meaning we’re all self-isolating, we rely on video conferencing to share screens and chat through work. We have to be stricter about signing off each stage before moving on to the next.  It requires us to check in more regularly, and really scrutinise the work. But for the most part, it’s business as usual for us!

Which companies are most suited to using animations?

It’s not about which companies are suited to animations – it’s about what kind of animations to use! There are so many styles, from highly technical to more character led animation, there’s sure to be one that fits in with your needs.

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