Demonstrate how a new rehabilitation programme is helping brain injury sufferers through COVID-19.

We created a charity video for SameYou, a not for profit organisation focusing on brain injury recovery. They sponsored the development of N-ROL, a neurorehabilitation programme that allows stroke and brain injury sufferers to dial in from home and receive their treatment sessions online from their own home. N-ROL will not just benefit people during COVID-19; it has piloted a new way to provide support in the future. The clip raises awareness that, during Covid, charity video content is key to communicating with your audience.

How we filmed the Covid Charity Video

SameYou are a regular client, and we we’ve worked with them on similar campaign videos, so asked to document the critical work they were doing during COVID-19. We worked with UCL’s team who had already filmed interview content during lockdown. We filmed additional sessions with our crew as lockdown lifted. All filming happened with good health and safety practice given the Covid restrictions.

covid charity video

Our work with Charities

This is not the only charity video we’ve worked on! We had the pleasure of working with DKMS UK to create a variety of charity training video content. We’ve also created a charity animation for the Jigsaw Trust.

These charities have used the power of video to amplify their impact and connect with a broader audience. We offer them a dynamic to tell their story, allowing these organisations to share their mission, success stories, and the benefits their causes bring. These videos inspire not only support from potential donors, but also reach new people who can benefit from their work. The versatility of video makes it a crucial tool for charities to raise funds, awareness, and change within their communities and beyond.

If your charity has been affected by Covid charity video content can help make sure your cause stays top of mine.

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