The client had eight members of the team they wanted to present at a pitch event, so we created 8 different clips, combining film of the team member with animation.

At Napoleon Creative we’ve made a load of whiteboard animation over the years. It’s a style which refuses to go out of fashion! However, filming a proper whiteboard animation can be time consuming to plan. So we looked at ways of doing a hand-drawn animation without filming. We came up with a digital solution, using the Procreate app and an iPad Pro.

Procreate enables us to draw digitally, making it quicker to correct, and gives a very crips texture will still being a hand-drawn animation. Loved by creative professionals, Procreate has everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations and beautiful animations. Procreate is the complete art studio you can take anywhere, packed with unique features and intuitive creative tools. We love using it!

The clips in question were for a bid film, so we can’t show you the whole thing, but hopefully the short excerpt above gives you a feel for it!


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