Cronos Insurance,
Create a fun animation about the potentially morbid topic of life insurance.

We were asked by the people at Cronos Insurance to create an insurance animation. While traditional insurance covers your bags, it doesn’t cover your life in the case of a fatality. And if you are involved in a fatality while travelling, it can take years for that claim to be settled. So they’ve created a new product called Travel Angel. This policy covers your life when you’re a passenger, which pays out $100,000 within 48 hours.


Insurance animationCreating the Insurance Animation

The team at Cronos had already built the website, so our task was to create an animation within that creative. We combined photography with line drawing. With our client contact being based in Europe, other team members in Germany and the Bahamas, and the creative team for the website in Brazil, this was a real global production!

Finding the right tone

The key thing for the insurance animation was to show the reality of the risk of being involved in an accident, without being too alarming. Anything sensational would turn the viewer off. So we concentrated on showing the fun parts of travelling, with a few potential hazards along the way.

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