Show how Financial Services will benefit from quantum computing, and demonstrate how Capgemini is leading the field.

Quantum computing is a rapidly evolving field that has the potential to revolutionise many industries, including financial services. With the ability to perform complex calculations at speeds far beyond what classical computers are capable of, quantum computing is poised to transform the financial sector in a number of ways. Capgemini asked us to create a quantum computing video to show how they are moving this technology forward.

Creating the Quantum Computing Video


Our first step in creating the quantum computing video was to do some research. We needed to know the basics of quantum computing and how it differs from classical computing. We worked with Capgemini’s subject matter experts to see how these principles would work in the context of financial services. Some potential applications of quantum computing in finance include:


  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Risk management
  • Fraud detection
  • Option pricing


We then set to writing a script which brought this to life in a straight forward way, but one that did not simplify the science too much. This script took a lot of iterations to get it right! During the development process, it was clear than animation was the way forward, as it would be creative and give us the flexibility we needed.


We followed our structure process of making videos that we have honed over the many years of making them!


Using video that explains concepts in science is an effective way to make complex information more accessible and engaging for a wider audience. Video allows viewers to see and hear information in a way that text or static images cannot always convey. In this case, the visuals were figurative, which bettered illustrate the concepts.

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