Create a dynamic and playful video that communicated key facts and milestones about the company's past, and their plans for the future.

Bark, the world-leading services marketplace with over 5m customers around the world need help a presentation to help with their growth strategy, showing it to potential new partners to grow the business. They needed the animation at short notice, and that’s where we stepped in. What you see here is just a short clip from the investor presentation video we made, as sections of it are confidential!

We had fun working with the Bark brand, which is playful one – full of bounce and energy.

Why should you have an Investor presentation video in your arsenal?

At Napoleon Creative, we highly recommend using video when presenting to potential investors for several reasons:

Time efficiency

A well-scripted video combines visuals and voice to get your message across quickly and succinctly. Not only can you get more information across in the time, you’ve got more chance of your audience retaining the information.

Memorable visuals

Animation and graphics can convey your ideas in a memorable way and leaves a great impression. Because your brain processes visuals much faster than text, they are more likely to stick in the viewer’s memory.

Sets the tone

Video allows you to set the tone and mood of your presentation through music, colour, and visual style. This can help you create a more engaging experience for your audience, while also conveying your brand personality and values.

Leave-behind value

You can easily leave the video behind for potential investors to watch again or share with their colleagues. Your message is communicated effectively to a wider audience.

More energy for Q&A

By using video, presenters can conserve their energy for answering questions and engaging with potential investors. Video presentations can help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with traditional in-person presentations, allowing presenters to focus on connecting with their audience and building relationships.

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For all these reasons, using video when presenting to potential investors is a highly effective way to communicate your message. Conserve your presenters’ energy for engaging with the audience during the Q&A session!

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